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Bombay/ Cochin , INDIA

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Our Products

Nutmeg and Mace

Although these are derived from one plant, they are traded as separate spices. Used internationally in the Food and Extraction industries, Indian nutmegs are exported in two forms-shelled and unshelled.


India produces mainly black Pepper, which has a high aromatic flavour compare to pepper from  other origins. It is , therefore in high demand in the Extraction Industry. Botanically known as Pepper Nigroum, it is also commonly used in the Food industry throughout the world. 


A commodity derived from the highly aromatic bark of Cinnamomum Zeylanicum, a tree indigenous to the India.Cinnamon is processed and graded for export according to the specifications of the Indian Standards Institute .

sp2.jpg (11149 bytes) Cardamom

The dried fruit of Elettaria Cardamom, it is commonly used in the Food Industry as well as in the Distilling industry. Cardamom ground with Coffee is a favourite drink in the Middle Eastern counties.


Cloves are the unopened flower buds of the tripically grown Syzgium Aromaticum. They are highly aromatic and their oil content, odour and flavour are unique features. Cloves are, therefore, and essential ingredient in the Food Industry.

Cocoa Beans

The fermented and dried whole seed of the cocoa tree- Theobroma cocoa L. Cocoa beans are available for export in six grades according to the specifications of the Indian  Standard institute. Widely used in the manufacture of Chocolates, Beverage etc.

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Coffee Beans

India produces Arabica and Robusta grades of Coffee Beans. Robusta, which accounts for 91% of the production, is exported in the form of dried beans and in consumer packs in powder form to U.S.A., Europe and the Middle East. 

cas.jpg (14579 bytes) Cashew Nuts

Indian Cashew Nuts are  superior in taste and quality. It has a refined flavour and creamy texture with a large kernel. Available in Bulk 2x 10 Kg Tins re-packed into corrugated carton and Consumer Packs of 175g, 100g, 50g.

coc.jpg (9869 bytes) Desiccated Coconut

The coconut flesh is imported from India  to the Western Continents and Middle East in desiccated form and used in sweet dishes and candy

CUMIN seeds  is the dried fruit of a small herbaceous plant, cumin was quite popular even during the Biblical times as an efficient digestive and as a food flavour for ceremonial feasting. Though native to Egypt and the Mediterranean, cumin is now mostly produced in India. Cumin has an intensely strong flavour, much similar to caraway. Indian cumin finds worldwide use in foods, beverages, liquors, medicines, toiletries and perfumery. The spice is of particular value in the blending of curry powder. 

Coir twine is recommended for applications such as fabric membranes reducing solid fill requirements for Road Embankments; Drainage Pipes; Re-Vegetation; Soil Stabilization of Embankments and Soil Erosion control.


conet.jpg (9288 bytes)
Carpet Under Layers

In sheet form or in rolls of 10m length and 2 meters in width minimum thickness 5mm. Density in the range of 40-100 Kg/cubic metre.


Soil Erosion Preventers

In sheet form of 2x 1 metre or in roll form 10 metre lenth and 2m in width. Density in the range of 40- 100kg.cubic metre.

Coir Door mats

India has a monpoly in the manufacture of these mats. the white fibre  obtained from green coconut husks immersed in water for 6-9 months. Processed through modern machinery, the  yarn spun from this white fibre is extremely fine and soft- textured with superior colour absorbency and strength for products such as door mats, rugs, carpets, wall hangings etc.

m2.jpg (30345 bytes)
Coir fiber pith (Coco- Peat)

This is a by-product of the Brown Fibre extraction process and used widely as a growing medium for plants in Horticultural/ Agricultural applications all over the world.

It is a superior alternative to peat.

Available in Briquettes and Bale form


Winter Coir Mats

Winter Coir Wire Brush Mats- Durable, weatherproof and removes coarse dirt from your shoes. Can be placed right on your doorstep.



These  mats are sturdy, weatherproof and will effectively brush off dirt from your shoes.

Loading 1x20' container. Approximately 4000 pcs. of size (60x40)cm-thickness 3cm. Delivery, approx. 60-90 days from receipt of confirmed letter of credit.









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