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AGRO PROJECTS - Co-operative farmlands for Community Development  and social Upliftment  ...With YOUR DIVINE TOUCH !
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We currently have a few ongoing co-operative farm projects operational in India . Other different Agro projects are being planned for India, Africa, LatinAmerica,Vietnam, Thailand, Indonesia etc. FUND support and active participation from you will help to get these projects under way.
 Adopt a Village and guide its growth ... watch the transformation of its people into happy families     
 Make your Dream Come true               

We have expert Agro consultants available to guide the projects to success. We basically plan to have a mix of short term & long term income generation projects to make them self -sufficient nodes . We have a dedicated team of Agro Technicians, CPAs, Consultants, Engineers and NGOs on our panel to assist actively in the success of the projects.



We are looking for support from investors and well wishers to aid these projects. They can adopt 50 to 100 families of a particular village sponsored by us. The funds they donate will be used to acquire farm land for these families to grow Crops. These families will be organised into co-operatives and the project will be underway for the benefit of these sponsored families. The marketing of the produce can be done by our nodal export organisation. It can be placed in the wholesale mandi markets and also exported.


A drop of water cannot be a river. It is the joining together of countless drops that creates the flow. The real flow of life lies in unity , in the ONENESS that arises out of LOVE !  
In  a World where 1 Billion is VERY RICH and over 5 Billion is below the Poverty Line , we NEED TO DO SOMETHING SOON !Give them a reason to be Grateful to You !

We hope to make the project a success with Bio Tech and our advanced management skills, where you and we play an active role. We can also try to overcome all infrastructure hurdles in all project countries and lay the foundations for a new code for developing lower echelons of our society & to help them to stand on their own feet through dignity of work, food and jobs.

Two Square Meals a Day for the Needy

Project Co-Ordinated by 

Bombay/ Cochin , INDIA 
Bombay Tel  : 009122-8929464 
Bombay Fax : 009122- 8929464 
Cochin Tel   :0484-366802